The Peer to Peer Conference – The Power of Networks

The Peer to Peer Conference – The Power of Networks

In this conference, we will examine what's next in the socialization of finance and how platforms like Funding Circles, Transfer Wise or Zopa are democratizing the web and empowering SMEs, investors, and alternative financial players. Emerging technologies and an increasingly social consumer are democratizing access to funds and services beyond the walls of the financial institutions. With Millennials as important agents of change, new business models for crowdfunding, marketplace lending, socialized payments, and automated investing are rising to take the market share from existing traditional channels.

Key focus areas:


The State of the Industry: Examining the Past, Present, and Future of Fintech


P2P Insurance: Back to the Original Idea of the Mutual Company


The Online Lending Platforms - Exploration of Lender and Consumer Risks and Opportunities


Crowdsourcing for Investors – Critical Success Factors in Finding Investments that Have the Best Chance to Succeed


Payment (R)evolution - Forging Ahead, Building Communities

CONFERENCE DAY ONE - Friday 9 June 2017


Registration and Morning networking


Opening Keynote:
The State of the Industry: Examining the Past, Present, and Future of Fintech
Ron Suber, President, Prosper Marketplace                                                      
Prosper Marketplace is America's first peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with more than two million members and over $8 billion in funded loans. Since its launch in 2006, Prosper Marketplace has evolved into a personal finance company that offers products and services beyond personal loans to help people get on top of their finances.

Keynote Speaker:
Successfully Harnessing the Chinese Market and Fighting Competition by Developing One of the Most Advanced Peer-to-Peer Company
Soul Htite, Co-Founder of Lending Club, Founder and CEO,
Soul Htite co-founded Lending Club, the world's largest and benchmarking peer-to-peer (P2P) company, where he served as head of technology until 2011. In 2012, Soul Htite came to China and built Dianrong on basis of advanced technology and his expertise. Dianrong is now a leading Internet finance company that focuses on the online marketplace and banking solution services.

Keynote Dialogue:
Payment (R)evolution - Forging Ahead, Building Communities
Discussing which technology platforms, message standards, interoperability frameworks and business models will emerge as the leading next generation payment winners
Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Alvin Wong Kee Choong, Regional Products Samsung Pay, Samsung
  • Jeremy Tan, Chairman, Korvac Holdings and CEO, Liquid Group
  • Rakesh Krishnamuti, Head of Large Enterprise Acquisition and Relationship Management, Southeast Asia, PayPal


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion:
Driving Financial Inclusion in Asia’s Biggest Hotspots  
According to a recent study, venture capital funding in Asian financial technology companies increased, reaching US$1.2 billion, surpassing the US. India, Indonesia, Malaysia are some of the fastest growing start-up environments in APAC, after China. Their geographical and demographical diversity, coupled with high usage of smartphones makes the region one of the robust in the world.

  • Understanding the regulatory framework – is Regtech the answer?
  • Identifying the key sectors and trends – which platforms are gaining a lot of traction?
  • Where is the money? Investments prospects and areas of growth

Panel Discussion:
Small Business Lending Via Non-Traditional Players  
Marketplace lending is an alternative source of loan origination for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) who are otherwise not able to receive funding from banks. According to APEC, SMEs account for over 97 per cent of all enterprises and huge engines of growth. This discussion explores how financial institutions can tap into these market and benefit from their growth.

  • Best practices in regulatory compliance
  • Streamlining processes to ensure interoperability and cost-effectiveness
  • Pricing strategies and liquidity management
  • Designing a convenient and reliable platform for SMEs to borrow
  • What new initiatives can market participants undertake to ensure long term sustainability?




Revolutionizing Remittances with Blockchain
Blockchain technology has been experimented and in many cases, were successful in achieving decentralised networks. This session looks deeper into how it was implemented in the remittances sector and it helped the company deliver end-to-end remittances to its clients.


Panel Discussion
The Business of Online Investing and the Changing Role of the Asset Managers

  • Key factors in making crowd-investing work for you
  • Data analytics, robo-advisory and AI – will they eliminate the middlemen?
  • Shariah-compliant crowdinvesting – what you need to know for operating in relevant territories
  • Creating digital-friendly interface that works for customers and investors


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion:
The Future of Peer-to-Peer Economy:  A Shift from Innovative Disruptions to Potential Collaborations
Increasingly, fintech players are working closely with traditional financial institutions and merchants as they are seen as enabler, rather than disrupter. There are many avenues which they can engage in cooperative competition. This trend will determine the future direction and separate the winners from the losers.

  • How can the different players leverage on each other’s core strengths to achieve optimal end-value
  • Synergies for collaborations and partnerships in Asia
  • In what ways can players compete on a level-playing field?
  • Future directions of peer-to-peer sector and new lines of product/service


Closing Dialogue:
Temporary Phenomenon or an Infinite Reality?
Despite tremendous confidence in the peer-to-peer business models, there are scepticism that these developments are only going to be short-lived and the interest will fade over time. Key experts discuss what will determine the future of the industry and how can players sustain their presence.


Close of Conference Day One


Agenda & Speaking Opportunities:

Hafezah Saleh

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