FutureBank Korea Innovation Tour 2013

Look, touch and feel the innovations taking place in the retail financial services industry in Korea today

The Asian Banker is organising a FUTUREBANK visit to Korea for retail financial services players from around the world to see for themselves the many innovations taking place to cater to changing customer experience in the country.

We will visit banks, telecommunication companies, online retailers, and traditional stores to see how the leading financial service providers and their partner organisations work with each other to secure fierce customer loyalty.

Gamification and social networking are changing the way financial institutions interact with customers and other institutions. Communities are connecting, and retail banks have evolved new channels such as mobile, and internet banking. Non-bank players are also moving into P2P payments—deposit generation and e-money will increase the need for institutions to balance risk management and customer-centricity.

The FutureBank Korea Innovation Tour 2013 will also involve dialogues with leading players in Korea and international retail bankers. It is designed as a platform for senior retail bankers to capture the latest trends, encapsulate changes within the retail banking industry and focus on the future of retail banking in Korea.

What you will see:

Mobile initiatives
Future of payment
Customer relationship and retention initiatives
Use of data and analytics
Branch redesign
Innovations in retailing

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Presentations Download
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FutureBank Korea Convention 2013
Future Bank Korea Innovation Tour

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