The Korea Banking Risk Dialogue 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013, Seoul, South Korea

The Asian Banker’s Korean Banking Risk Dialogue is an ongoing series of conversations between key players in Korean banking industry to regularly review changes to country’s risk management landscape and discuss Korean banks’ progress in their risk management capabilities. The key players include Korean banks' CROs, risk managers, IT heads, Korean regulators and international best practitioners.

After weathering the global financial crisis, the Korean banking industry is now in the process of implementing new risk management infrastructure and is on the path of becoming Basel III compliant. However, Korean banks are facing new challenges, such as encountering greater exposure to the international funding cost than other banks and Asia, and they are confronting the issue of maintaining a healthy ROA in the nation’s highly liquid environment.

This one-day forum focuses broadly on the following key risk management issues faced by Korean banking industry:

  • Market and Macroeconomic risk in the Korean Market
  • The delay of the Implementation of Basel III and key concerns
  • Credit and Counterparty Risk in Korea’s Highly Liquid Environment
  • Operational and Compliance Risk and Best Practices

This dialogue will also provide partner organizations, including financial institutions, consulting firms and technology providers an opportunity to interact with decision makers who are at the forefront of developing enterprise level risk infrastructure for Korean banks.

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