Where leaders from around the world decide the future of Asia's financial services industry

The Future of Finance Summit, rebranded from The Asian Banker Summit, is the region's largest annual meeting of global thought leaders and senior industry practitioners, it is the foremost forum for engaging on global themes bringing together global thought leaders and industry specialists.

The Future of Finance Summit is several conferences in one. The Summit comprises of several complementary dialogues that reflect the complexity of today's industry dynamics. These include:

1. The Keynote and Thought Leadership Dialogues

A political or industry leader in the host country delivers the Opening Keynote. It is an opportunity to showcase achievements and explain policies to the international community. The Thought Leadership Dialogues features global leaders of interest to CEOs and senior-most executives. The Asian Banker Summit will feature seminal figures in the vein of past speakers such as former US Vice President Al Gore and Former Interim Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Financial Stability and Head of the Office of Financial Stability Neel Kashkari.

2. The Risk Games Conference

The Risk Games Conference is Asia's preeminent annual risk management conference, featuring interactive scenario-based simulation exercises on key areas of risk management and seminal discussions between leading practitioners from a cross-section of banks and global regulators on a number of critical areas affecting the industry today. These include representatives from the US Federal Reserve Bank System, the European Union, the Bank for International Settlements and the Bank of England, as well as leading Asian regulators.

3. The International Transaction Banking Convention

The International Transaction Banking Convention of The Asian Banker Summit has become Asia's largest annual meeting for financial institutions, and is a key meeting point for global figures in the industry. It brings together the most senior executives in the financial institutions, correspondent banking and transaction banking businesses for incisive and practical conversations on critical issues affecting their fields today.

4. The Supply Chain Conference

The inaugural Supply Chain Conference thoroughly examines the entire supply chain industry, delving into both the logical as well as physical aspects. This comprehensive conference adopts a case study approach, studying issues including but not limited to; industry innovations, price discovery, logistics, and inventory management. Featuring leading experts and stakeholders from various industries in the supply chain, the event focuses on the practical issues that financial controllers, treasurers and CFOs are concerned with in their daily activities.

5. The Technology Decision Makers Conference

The Technology Decision Makers Conference is the most influential annual forum that brings together business and technology decision makers to benchmark technology choices and spending. Executives responsible for technology and innovation initiatives discuss their experiences in the selection, implementation and execution of technology and operations to enable the complex business processes of banks. There is a concurrent theme of responding to increased and onerous regulatory scrutiny.

6. The Financial Markets Infrastructure Asia

The Markets and Exchanges Conference has steadily captured the attention of the investment community ever since it was introduced two years ago. The conference will bring together broker-dealers, exchanges, banks and a wide range of related counter-parties, making this the single most important annual conference on the infrastructure and products of markets and exchanges in the Asia Pacific region.

7. The Financial Integration Forum

The Financial Integration Forum is intended as a working session for leaders in the industry to “imagine the future”, without boundaries in their minds, and to offer their deliberations as a thought leadership document that can be used in future. The forum takes into account current realities and future possibilities, especially those brought about by technology and innovation.

Addressing issues that go beyond the responsibilities of any one organization

We bring the Summit to the world's foremost financial and commercial cities in Asia, providing the forum to discuss the economic themes that are pervasive in the global market. At a time when the world is undergoing profound change in the areas of regulation, impact of economic stimulus, the rise of the Asian economies especially China, global trade imbalances and the growing influence of customers and technology. It is these very topics that will underline the discussions at the Summit ensuring that each topic answers a specific question that has direct bearing on the industry in Asia.

Bringing together leaders for over a decade

The Future of Finance Summit has brought together thought leaders since 1999. Over the last decade, The Summit has matured into one of the most sophisticated and incisive platforms for regional and global leaders to share their views on critical banking and regulatory issues. With a focus on the Asian financial services landscape, The Future of Finance Summit is the essential gathering for senior executives and CEOs as well as senior regulators and banking professionals from the industry. The discussions at the Summit will always focus on current global themes that are re-shaping the competitive landscape for financial institutions in Asia.

Honoring and celebrating achievements above and beyond

The Future of Finance Summit also comprises of our prestigious annual award programs, which recognizes annual institutional achievements and winners in the financial industry in the Asian Pacific region today. The following awards are given out during the course of the summit:

1. The Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Awards
2. The Industry Achievement Awards

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