Global transactions re-invented

Globalised trade finance, correspondent banking, cross-border payments, liquidity management and risk mitigation are all evolving as the race towards digitisation continues to rage across the entire financial industry. Being able to provide your clients the quickest, most seamless, transparent, and reliable way to conduct business is essential to staying competitive, not just amongst other global banks, but also against a growing number of third-party service providers. Furthermore, competition with non-banking institutions promises to become even fiercer as the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and open-banking regulations take effect in 2018. The ‘Global transactions re-invented’ conference provides a platform for dialogue between experts from global banks, alternative players, regulatory organisations and new technology providers to discuss the latest trends and offer best practice solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Global transactions re-invented - Thursday 8 June 2017

Strengthening cross-border banking relationships and the future of correspondent banking

Leaner, faster, safer, frictionless and fully transparent - How technology is redefining the new standard for multibank corporations

Real-time cross-border payment tracking and settlement

Interoperability - Global payments infrastructure initiatives

More than an underlying technology – Case studies on distributed ledger technology and its applications in transaction banking

Corporate banking disruption: Maximising your “first-mover” advantage

Winning collaboration models between banks and financial technology companies

Reshaping compliance and overcoming know your customer and anti-money laundering obstacles

Digitising global trade finance

From pain point to solution - Innovations in supply chain finance

PSD2 and open banking - Impact beyond the EU

Featured keynote speakers from 2017

  Featured speakers from 2017


Agenda and speaking opportunities:

Gerlinde Gerber

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