Leadership in the digital economy

Financial services today are still rapidly evolving as new trends and new technologies continue to shape and redefine the future of finance. We are seeing how big data, artificial intelligence and mobile payments are transforming the way we manage our money and we witness new players and business models entering the ecosystem. This is the age of decentralised ledgers, digital identity and cloud computing. What does the road ahead look like? Join us at the ‘Leadership in the digital economy’ conference to find out, as we showcase latest cutting-edge technologies and discuss the crucial elements of the latest revolution.

Leadership in Digital Conference - Day 1 - Thursday 8 June 2017

Enabling innovation through regulations

From fintech to finlife – The integration of finance in everyday life

Applications of AI in China: What can the world learn?

Successful collaboration models with telecom, e-commerce and technology companies

Inculcating a culture of innovation into your organisation

The bank in my hand: The mobile dimension is endless

Blockchain and finance

The future of insurtech and regtech

Beyond cashless payments

Achieving financial inclusion globally

The future of money and wealth

Featured keynote speakers from 2017

  Featured speakers from 2017


Agenda and speaking opportunities:

Gerlinde Gerber


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