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The Asian Banker Beijing Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2018

This year, we are introducing the ‘Beijing Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition’, designed as an international competition platform to demonstrate and explore the capabilities of leading financial technology players from China and around the world who will pit their skills and solutions against each other.

We have partnered with MEDICI, a top global innovation and insights platform for innovation in emerging financial services, to select the top 20 financial technology companies from China and around the world to compete across six categories. Participating financial technology companies are invited to apply for a “table-top” space at the Future of Finance Summit to showcase their solutions and interact with event delegates, prospects and council of advisors, comprising senior practitioners in the financial technology and investor community.

Ten shortlist finalists will make a nine-minute presentation, consisting of a six-minute pitch and three minutes of Q&As, on the final day “competition” at the Future of Finance Summit. One winner will be selected and will be given a prize of US$ 5,000. In addition, each will receive a certificate of participation. Proceedings of the showcase and all finalists’ presentations will be featured in the Asian Banker publication and website. Interested financial technology companies are invited to make a submission by registering your details via this link, Beijing Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2018.

Beijing Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2018 - 24 - 25 May 2018

09:00 - 11:30

Financial Innovation Exhibition - 24-25 May
The Future of Finance Summit has dedicated a space in the Exhibition area featuring solutions of both Chinese and global technology providers

11:30 - 14:30

Polish your pitch session, 24 May
Our advisors are there to get to know you and help you polish your pitch and demo for the next day presentation.

12:00 - 13:00

The Beijing Financial Innovation Competition - 25 May - Pitch session 1
The first 5 finalists will each be given 9 minutes to pitch their proposition in front of leading VC and capital venture firms, startup accelerators, technology decision makers from banks and leading financial technology personalities.

Showcases will feature propositions from different areas such as:

  • Big Data/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Payments
  • Cybersecurity/Fraud
  • Consumer Lending/SME Lending
  • InsurTech
  • RegTech

All demos will be pre-selected by our distinguished panel of advisors comprising senior decision makers from leading financial technology and the fintech investor community.

13:00 - 14:30

Meet the Innovators Lunch (20-30 participants), 25 May

14:30 - 15:30

The Beijing Financial Innovation Competition - 25 May – Pitch session 2
The second group of 5 finalists will each be given 9 minutes to pitch their proposition in front of leading VC and capital venture firms, startup accelerators, technology decision makers from banks and leading financial technology personalities.

Following the last pitch, the winner of the overall Showcase will be selected out of the 10 finalists. The winner will be given the prize money of US$5,000.

For more details contact:
Gerlinde Gerber, Program Manager

The showcase and competition is organised around the following six categories:

  • Big Data / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Payments
  • Data Privacy / Cybersecurity / Fraud
  • Consumer Lending / SME Lending
  • Insurtech
  • RegTech

The Problem Statements:

Big Data / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be powered by AI
  • Voice recognition is one of the biggest areas of everyday AI in action in many of today’s social messaging platforms. 
  • Possibility of social scoring using Big Data to get access to government services, jobs, eligibility for loans/admission of children to schools etc – impact on the economy, benefits/pitfalls?
  • Flying drones / Self-driving cars – how are tech companies leveraging these for collecting alternative data?
  • How much of the current conversation on “AI” development is a case of hype vs. reality? What has been the latest development that has turned AI into a hot topic?
  • The need of regulatory oversight for big data and AI models, governance and processes.


  • Going cashless: How Chinese mobile payment habit is influencing other countries. The shift to mobile payments is already hurting banks in China, which are rapidly losing ground to leading fintechs or techfins.
  • What banks can do to combat this threat, and to keep pace with digital giants in order to protect and grow their payments and retail banking franchisees
  • How do banking incumbents respond to faster payments? What are the impactful technologies and approaches in payments space- mobile wallets, P2P, real time payment systems
  • Will biometric payments and voice payments gain significant adoption? What are the potential drivers of its success?

Data Privacy / Cybersecurity / Fraud

  • Do you think the real-time payments have brought complexities in the fraud monitoring and authentication space? Are the current systems making a good use of advancements in AI/ML to counter the threat of fraud?
  • As mobile devices, apps and wallets become universal, the risk posted by cyber-criminals exponentially rises. So how can mobile identities be authenticated and transactions authorised? 
  • The future of the data economy - Personal data is a hot issue in the fintech world, but how can you strike the balance between privacy protection and the utilisation of consumer information?
  • Approach to combat cyber security attacks – appropriate response, anticipation of new threats, dedicated time and resources assigned to deal with these attacks

Consumer Lending / SME Lending

  • The P2P lending sector is bracing itself for new regulatory changes. Impact on small startups, credit availability etc
  • How will government influence and shape the growth of some of the largest lending companies in the world?
  • Advancements in AI and machine learning technology to bring innovative credit services to consumers by improving credit scoring & underwriting
  • Plugging in the next billion consumers and SMEs to the financial world relies on new data sources from multiple channels, but what are the next essential sources of data and how will these change the landscape?
  • Development of new innovative new models to provide consumers and SMEs greater access to credit


  • How much access to the consumers’ everyday lives will the insurers have?
  • Insurers are connected with their customers’ lives, so they will have access to all the data generated in people’s lives, such as health, habits and behaviors?
  • How will these five key technologies reshape the insurance industry - Blockchain, AI, internet of things, big data and cloud computing
  • How will engagement through lifestyle apps change the dynamics of the relationship between the insurer and insured
  • Digital technologies have brought several changes to the insurance business such as personalisation, platform model, automation and real time information. How are these factors influencing the legacy systems?


  • Is the fintech boom a wakeup call for firms to focus on the nascent regulatory technology?
  • How can governments be proactive in adapting newer technologies?
  • Achieving regulatory compliance through regulatory sandboxes – effective?
  • Striking the right balance to foster innovation and maintain a supervision for regulators
  • What are the different regulatory jurisdictions concerning access to consumer’s bank account and other financial data in other parts of the world? 

Council of Advisors

  1. Chris Skinner is known worldwide as a leading commentator and strategist on the financial markets, and is a well-known blogger through thefinanser.com. He is author of several books and works full-time as chief executive of think tank Balatro, as well as chairman of the European networking forum Financial Services Club and Nordic Finance Innovation.
  2. Matt Dooley is founder and director of Connected Thinking, providing digital strategy, marketing, and training to banks. He was global head of Internet strategy and head of digital experience for the global commercial banking division in HSBC. He pioneered HSBC’s global Internet design standards as a result of establishing the first Internet banking platform back in 2000.
  3. Andra Sonea is architect at the fintech consulting company 11FS and former lead solutions architect at Digital Innovation Labs, Lloyd Banking group. She is a strategic thinker with over fifteen years of international experience in consulting on financial services industry. Sonea has previously worked at Ernst and Young, Deutsche Bank, KPMG and IBM Global services and is also a mentor at Startupbootcamp Fintech.
  4. David Gyori is a globally renowned fintech consultant, trainer, author and keynote speaker. He is the chief executive officer of Banking Reports based in London and is a founding member of the World FinTech Association. Gyori is a faculty member of the Retail Banking Academy, one of the most prestigious banker-training facilities.
  5. Amit Goel is the Founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer for MEDICI. He is passionate about bringing actionable FinTech-focused insights, innovative products and services for the FinTech ecosystem. Some of his work involves startup scores, bank scores/assessments, predictive viewpoints and other innovations that have helped MEDICI’s customers and the ecosystem. He has been named amongst the Top 100 FinTech thought leaders/influencers in the world and Top 10 in Asia multiple times by reputed agencies, consulting firms, and financial institutions.
  6. Aditya Khurjekar is CEO and founder at MEDICI (formerly LTP, Let’s Talk Payments), the trusted source for global FinTech insights and ecosystem engagement. Previously, Aditya was a founder of Money20/20, and on the the founding team at Softcard, the mobile commerce joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon. Aditya also held a number of leadership positions at Verizon Wireless, CSG Systems, Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories. Aditya holds an MBA in Finance & Management from New York University and an MS in Electrical Engineering. He lives in Charlotte, NC and works with teams all over the world."
  7. Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer and Innovator, Netherlands
    Jaspar Roos is currently Chief Inspiration Officer at Limpid & Co. Previously he was the Chief Inspiration Officer at ABN AMRO Bank, leading the innovation and venturing unit of ABN AMRO Bank. He was also cofounder of XL family, an international advisory firm, and 2SQRS, an investment fund. His experience spans from running a corporate innovation unit to launching digital ventures.
  8. Julian Kwan Founder and CEO, InvestaCrowd
    Julian Kwan invests in proptech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and real estate, and is the Founder and CEO of InvestaCrowd, a proptech capital markets licensed global real estate investment platform headquartered in Singapore. InvestaCrowd is the founding member of Real Estate Blockchain Labs and is building the ICTX a Real Estate security token exchange.
  9. Jeffrey Paine, Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures, Singapore
    Jeffrey Paine is Managing Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, an early stage venture fund for startups in Southeast Asia with strong ties to Silicon Valley. Prior to this he was Director, at The Founder Institute, a global network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch great technology companies around the globe. He is also an advisor to The Sydney Seed Fund.
  10. Markus Gnirck is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at tryb, a a technology company that invests in, builds out and aggregates growth stage infrastructure technology and platforms transforming financial services in ASEAN. Gnirck is also co-author of Asia FinTech 100, Contributor at Forbes, Founding Committee Member of the Singapore FinTech Association, Fellow at Singapore University of Social Science and chosen as Forbes Asia 30 under 30 in 2016 for Venture Capital & Finance.
  11. Eric Tachibana,Area Senior Practice Manager, APAC and Japan, Professional Services, Amazon Web Services
    Eric Tachibana runs the APJ Area for the Professional Services organization at Amazon Web Services. Previously he was the Asia Pacific COO for UBS, and before that APAC technology and operations COO with Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was responsible for innovation, business management, risk & compliance, and employee engagement.
  12. Alex Medana,Co-Founder & CEO FinFabrik
    Alex is the CEO of FinFabrik a HK-based FinTech company building the next generation of platforms to improve the customer journey particularly in capital markets and wealth management. He is also a Board Member Fintech Association HK. Previously, Medana spent 17 years in various tier 1 global financial institutions overseeing operations across diverse asset classes, client segments and business lines in Europe and APAC.
  13. Vladislav Solodkiy,Managing Partner, Life.Sreda and CEO, Arival Bank
    Solodkiy was recognised by UK magazine Institutional Investor as one of the TOP35 most influential fintech-persons in the world. He established Life. SREDA four years ago, which has invested in 22 start-ups in US, UK, Germany, CIS, Singapore, Philippines, India and Vietnam, including Simple, Moven, Fidor Bank, SumUp, Anthemis Group, Mobikon, and Lenddo. For the last one and a half years, the company heavily supported the fintech ecosystem in Singapore. It invested in eight companies; launched Inspir Asia co-working space and accelerator; and helped the Monetary Authority of Singapore in promoting Singapore as fintech hub across the world by launching www.BAAS.IS, the first pan-Asian bank-as-a-service-platform
  14. Urs Bolt, Fintech & Regtech Expert
    Bolt has more than 25 years’ experience as a senior banker, focusing on wealth management, investment banking, risk & regulation, and financial technology business. His expertise centres on developing and launching new digital business platforms and establishing prime services for high net-worth/ultra-high-net worth clients. His focus is to help financial technology (fintech) and regulatory technology companies and financial service providers review business strategies, develop products and markets, execute sales, scout for fintech solutions and start-ups, build business partnerships, and implement corporate structures and processes.
  15. Brian W Tang, Managing Director, Asia Capital Markets Institute
    Brian W Tang is the founder and managing director of the Asia Capital Markets Institute (ACMI), a platform for global thought leadership, industry-wide consensus building, and transformational technology. ACMI’s areas of focus include regulatory technology (RegTech), online capital marketplaces and artificial intelligence. Tang is also co-chairs the RegTech Committee of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong and the IEEE AI Ethics Initiative’s Policy Panel.
  16. Other CIOs and Chief Innovation Officers

The following are the eight fintech selected to participate at The Asian Banker Beijing Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2018:

Submission process and timeline

Submission process
Please note that we have a detailed audit-based questionnaire for selecting the participants for the Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2018, and all submissions must be completed and sent to us before 27th April 2018.

Please contact Mr Gerald Tai at gtai@theasianbanker.com for the submission kit.


Submission deadline:  27th April 2018
Selections of participants: 5th May 2018
Beijing Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2018: 24-25 May 2018

Should you wish to know more about this programme or if you have any questions, please contact Mr Gerald Tai at gtai@theasianbanker.com or +86 010 5869 3447 or Ms Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com

The Asian Banker Fintech Showcase and Competition 2018

You may tick one or more of the following categories you may qualify for.



Please provide the contact details of the person we can contact in order to process the information provided in this document.

Contact Details
We will contact shortlisted banks for a detailed interview with the respective business head.
Please provide the contacts of the respective senior executive:

*Important notes:
• The Asian Banker conducts its evaluation on an audit basis for all submissions made. This means that we have a standard set of questions that covers all aspects of the industry in which the business operates, the business’ financial product achievements, operations and specific factors under consideration.

• The Asian Banker will do its own research to discover data that is not provided in the submission. If you do not provide complete data, The Asian Banker will make its own judgement based on third party information which may not be accurate or complementary. It is important to complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability.

• The Asian Banker staff and associates are committed to strict confidentiality and integrity in the evaluation process. All staff and advisors are strictly prohibited from trading in the securities of participating institutions during the evaluation period, and any securities held must be disclosed. All researchers and advisors are not allowed to accept any form of gratuity from the participating institutions at any time.

• All information will be kept strictly private and confidential, and will be used only for the evaluation in this programme and the benchmarking reports to be derived from them.

• If you have any difficulties in completing this document, require additional assistance or would like to make a submission, you may contact Mr Gerald Tai at gtai@theasianbanker.com or +86 010 5869 3447 or Ms Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com.

• Visit us at www.theasianbanker.com.

Evaluation criteria



Product, Technology and Innovation


  • Business need met by the product
  • Key functional features of the product
  • Data tested and demonstrate a working model (Y/N)
  • Transaction value and volumes
  • Number of users and growth in users
  • Market share
  • Extent to which it can potentially disrupt current business models
  • Number of features that demonstrate innovation in service
  • Extent to which it enables users to differentiate their businesses or products from the competition
  • Number of regulatory accredition


  • Ability of the business to increase scale in line with growth of customer and transaction volumes
  • Ability to expand to different regions and locations around the world
  • Potential size of the market
  • Platforms it can be implemented upon
  • Ease of integration

Funding and Financials


  • Funding support
  • Revenue growth
  • Sources and composition of revenue
  • Asset size, types of revenue generating assets
  • Share capital

Founding and Advisory Team



  • The names and experience of the promoters of the organisation
  • A short description of the vision statement of what the promoters expect to achieve from this business
  • Achievement of promoters
  • The names and profile of key personalities
  • Description of talent that demonstrates the depth and range of management capability to succeed in this business
  • Number of employees
  • Number of tech hires


  • Number of customers/installed sites
  • Scale and network effect
  • Key reference sites
  • Location of implementation sites in Asia Pacific
  • Recent case studies
  • Proof of concept, ongoing or potential pilots


  • Engagement with government bodies, regulatory bodies, other strategic partnerships with third party instituition for distribution of products