A world in transition & redefining financial services

The Future of Finance Summit 2019 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. An emerging economy, situated by some of the world’s most powerful economies and emerging markets, Thailand lies in the heart of Asia-Pacific. This means easy access to approximately 3.5 billion people across Asia, comprising a market size that accounts for $24 trillion, representing 30% of the world’s GDP.

With the rapid growth of Thailand’s startup business scene, there are now well over 1,500 startups in various sectors. Many Corporate Venture Capital Funds have continuously launched with an estimated size of an investment up to USD 1 billion for the past 12 months.

Therefore, the government has created ‘Thailand 4.0’, a new economic model that aims to transform Thai industries from manufacturing-based to high-tech. The country plans on doing this by fostering innovations in targeted industries such as robotics, aerospace, and digital economy. An ambitious model that will make Thailand a leading digital hub connecting other countries by land, sea, and air in years to come

The Future of Finance Summit 2019 will not only highlight achievements made in Southeast Asia but bring many of the brightest and smartest players and ideas from the global world of finance to Bangkok. Join us at The Future of Finance Summit 2019 to celebrate the outstanding achievements in a rapid changing world of innovation for the global financial services industry.

One Summit – Five Conferences

Why should you attend?

The Asian Banker’s Future of Finance Summit 2019 is an exciting, all-inclusive annual gathering bringing together a wide range of players - regulators, banks, internet finance companies, asset managers, insurance companies, investors and customers. The Summit is your chance to engage with out-of-box speakers from giant unicorn companies, disruptive players, and outstanding industry leaders that are shaping the ongoing revolution that is capturing the world’s attention.

Five specialized industry conferences to focus on the transformational areas of the industry: Leadership in Finance Workshops:

Thailand Innovation Tour- Visiting the most exciting and innovative companies as well as thought leaders in and around Bangkok’s capital.

Exciting formats: Keynote presentations, break-out sessions, round-table discussions, workshops, startup pitches and much more!

Sponsorship and exhibition

The Future of Finance Summit 2018 is a globally acknowledged annual gathering that brings together a wide range of players who shape the future of the financial services industry.


The Future of Finance Summit will feature a host of amazing, unique and out-of-box speakers and panellists who will help us break through our thinking on the transformations that are happening globally.


Key dialogues on business models and technologies that will fundamentally transform the financial services industry